08:30 ~ 09:00


09:00 ~ 09:10

Opening Remarks

09:10 ~ 10:50

Session 1

Chair: Sung-Wook Min (Kyung Hee Univ.)

  • JinWoong Kim - Holographic video system for tele-presence services : Introduction to GigaKOREA project
  • Yoshio Hayasaki - Optical frequency comb profilometry
  • Jung-Young Son - Terms defining viewing condition of Holographic Displays
  • Malgorzata Kujawinska - The concept of general 3D video format based on digital holography
10:50 ~ 11:00

Coffee Break

11:00 ~ 12:15

Session 2

Chair: Hirotsugu Yamamoto (Tokushima Univ.)

  • Masahiro Yamaguchi - Hologram computation for the display of deep and realistic 3D scene
  • Sung-Wook Min - Research about 3D screen for 3D projection system
  • Daisuke Miyazaki - Floating multi-view image formation with micro-mirror array imaging element
12:15 ~ 13:35


13:35 ~ 14:50

Session 3

Chair: Jeho Nam (ETRI)

  • Masayuki Yokota - Digital Holographic inspection of a paint drying process
  • Seungtaik Oh - In-Focus Distance Estimation Using Local Spatial Frequency in Computer-Generated Hologram
  • Yusuke Ogura - Optically programmable molecular information processing
14:50 ~ 15:00

Coffee Break

15:00 ~ 16:15

Session 4

Chair: Yasuhiro Awatsuji (Kyoto Institute of Tech.)

  • Nobukazu Yoshikawa - Low-cost and high accuracy phase-shifting digital holography
  • Sung-Kyu Kim - Low crosstalk multiview 3D display
  • Takanori Nomura - Digital Holographic Tomography Using Lightwave Back Propagation
16:15 ~ 17:45

Lab Tour

17:45 ~ 18:00

Moving to YOUSUNG Hotel

18:00 ~ 21:00

Conference Reception

Future Display and Information Processing

- Byoungho Lee (Seoul National University)


In this talk, I will overview the trend of future display development such as flexible, foldable, stretchable, and interactive display. Image processing technologies and 3D capture and display technologies to be associated with these display systems will be discussed.

Pixel Sizes for Digital Holography: How small will it be possible?

- Jung-Young Son (Konyang University)


Since pixel size is directly related with the viewing zone angle of digital holographic display, it will be better for smaller pixel sizes for the display. However, it is foreseen that the size cannot be smaller than the reconstruction wavelength due to the presence of evanescent wave and spectral range reduction. These limitations and other problems involved with the display will be discussed.



09:00 ~ 10:40

Session 5

Chair: Jae-Hyeung Park (Inha Univ.)

  • Nam Kim - Waveguide Head Mounted Display(HMD) Using Full Color Holographic Optical Element
  • Yuji Sakamoto - Study on Head Worn Display using Electo-Holography
  • Joonku Hahn - Several issues in designing 360-degree tabletop holographic display
  • Osamu Matoba - Lensless Holographic Display with 1D Spatial Light Modulator
10:40 ~ 11:00

Coffee Break

11:00 ~ 12:15

Session 6

Chair: Takanori Nomura (Wakayama Univ.)

  • Hiroshi Yoshikawa - Recent progress on fringe printer for 3D computer-generated holograms
  • Youngmin Kim - Color wave-front holographic printing method based on spatial partitioning
  • Shoji Maruo - Microscale three-dimensional laser printing and molding for MEMS application
12:15 ~ 13:30


13:30 ~ 14:45

Session 7

Chair: Hee-Jin Choi (Sejong Univ.)

  • Hirotsugu Yamamoto - 3D LED Signage Based on AIRR(Aerial Imaging by Retro-Reflection)
  • Hoonjong Kang - Partitioning based fast digital hologram generation method
  • Jae-Hyeung Park - Hologram synthesis of mesh-modeled 3D scene and its fast texture update
14:45 ~ 15:00

Coffee Break

15:00 ~ 16:15

Session 8

Chair: Yuji Sakamoto (Hokkaido Univ)

  • YongKeun Park - Scattering super lens: sub-wavelength light focusing and imaging via holographic control in complex media
  • Kyoji Matsushima - Recent Techniques for Hidden Surface Removal in Computer Holography
  • Taegeun Kim - Speckle free hologram recording of a diffusely reflective object and its applications
16:15 ~ 16:30

Coffee Break

16:30 ~ 17:45

Session 9

Chair: Hoonjong Kang (KETI)

  • Jin-Tae Kim - Pattern recognition using kinoforms of objects
  • Hee-Jin Choi - Analysis on the perceived quality of 3D images
  • Donghak Shin - 3D integral imaging display with focus mode
17:45 ~ 19:15

Poster Session

  • Yuji Tanaka et al. - Single-Shot Three-Dimensional Shape Measurement by Low-Coherence Digital Light-in-Flight Holography
  • Myungjin Cho et al. - 3D display system by the combined use of axially distributed image sensing and integral imaging technique
  • Shuming Jiao - Embedding Holographically Represented Audio Signals into Digital Holograms
  • Koichi Go et al. - Experimental Verification of Measurement of Scattering Property for Homogeneous Scattering Medium by Integrated Measurement System
  • Ryosuke Kujime et al. - Three-dimensional temperature distributions in a thermal 3D display by use of a crossed-mirror array
  • Takuya Hashimoto et al. - Evaluation of Quantum Object Recognition Algorithm to Large Number of References
  • Le Thanh Bang et al. - 3D Reconstruction of Living Cell by using digital holography
  • Chang-Kun Lee et al. - Crosstalk estimation of micro lenticular lens based multi-view system using ray tracing
  • Jiwoon Yeom et al. - Viewing angle enhanced integral imaging using multiplexed holographic optical element
  • Jonghyun Kim et al. - 3D view image reconstruction of Caenorhabditis elegans with light field microscopy
  • Munkh-Uchral Erdenebat et al. - Real 360-degree holographic display based on computer-generated cylindrical hologram
  • Anh-Hoang Phan et al. - Fast Hologram Generation Using Wavefront Recording Plane and GPU
  • Hyun-Eui Kim et al. - Wide viewing-angle holographic display using optical fiber arrays backlight
  • Sungmin Kim et al. - Compact holographic microscope without imaging lens
  • Weina Li et al. - Error analysis about optical image split-encryption based on the object plane
  • Md. Ashraful Alam et al. - Viewing angle widening of an integral imaging display system by using multi-directional elemental image sets with a directional elemental image generation and resizing algorithm
  • Minsik Park et al. - Objective Measurement of Image Quality of Digital Hologram using Modulation Transfer Function
  • Yeonsu Im et al. - Segmentation method dividing optical power evenly for generating a set of binary holograms
  • Yan-Ling Piao et al. - The generation of Polygon-based hologram by using depth camera



09:00 ~ 10:15

Session 10

Chair: Osamu Matoba (Kobe Univ.)

  • Yasuyuki Ichihashi - Computer-generated Hologram and 3D Image-capturing system by using Integral Photography
  • Hwi Kim - Optical reconstruction of binocular polygon CGHs with texture and shading features
  • Yasuhiro Awatsuji - Ultrafast parallel phase-shifting digital holography
10:15 ~ 10:30

Outstanding Poster Award Ceremony and Closing

10:30 ~ 17:30

City Tour